Updated 05 Jul 2020

Bedroom TypeUnit No.Unit SizePrice $ (SGD)Maint. Fee (Est.)Orientation
1 Bedroom:Stack 24441 sqft100% SOLD$200.00South
1 Bedroom:#34-01441 sqft$970,000$200.00South
1 Bedroom:#21-15441 sqft$942,000$200.00South
1 Bedroom + Study:#34-33506 sqft$1,041,000$200.00South
1 Bedroom + Study:#29-10506 sqft$1,039,000$200.00South
1 Bedroom + Study:#14-13506 sqft$1,013,000$200.00South
2 Bedroom:#39-04624 sqft$1,263,000$240.00North
2 Bedroom:#37-18624 sqft$1,263,000$240.00North
2 Bedroom:#38-27635 sqft$1,361,000$240.00North
2 Bedroom:#19-09635 sqft$1,300,000$240.00South
2 Bedroom:#21-12635 sqft$1,310,000$240.00South
2 Bedroom:#33-29657 sqft$1,284,000$240.00North
2 Bedroom:#31-06657 sqft$1,272,000$240.00North
2 Bedroom:#36-20657 sqft$1,291,000$240.00North
2 Bedroom (P):#38-28689 sqft$1,481,000$240.00North
2 Bedroom (P):#40-05689 sqft$1,493,000$240.00North
2 Bedroom (P):#33-19689 sqft$1,399,000$240.00North
2 Bedroom (P):#38-23678 sqft$1,578,000$240.00South
2 Bedroom (P):#29-11678 sqft$1,431,000$240.00South
2 Bedroom (P):#04-14678 sqft$1,339,000$240.00South
2 Bedroom + Study:Stack 26980 sqft100% SOLD$240.00North
2 Bedroom + Study:Stack 03764 sqft100% SOLD$240.00North
2 Bedroom + Study:#40-17764 sqft$1,648,000$240.00North
2 Bedroom + Study:#37-32786 sqft$1,546,000$240.00South
3 Bedroom:#38-30883 sqft$1,855,000$240.00North
3 Bedroom:Stack 31893 sqft100% SOLD$240.00South
3 Bedroom + U:#40-071281 sqft$1,961,000$240.00North
3 Bedroom + U:#36-21980 sqft$1,928,000$240.00North
3 Bedroom (P):#29-161055 sqft$2,046,000$240.00South
3 Bedroom (P):Stack 251055 sqft100% SOLD$240.00South
3 Bedroom (P):Stack 021055 sqft100% SOLD$240.00South
4 Bedroom:Stack 081346 sqft100% SOLD$280.00South
4 Bedroom:#02-221346 sqft$2,357,000$280.00South
4 Bedroom Penthouse:#38-251970 sqftP.O.A$320.00South
4 Bedroom Penthouse:#40-011970 sqftP.O.A$320.00South


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